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Hey gorgeous!

As part of my rebranding journey, I’ve decided to give away not one, not two, but THREE heart-first websites!

Yes, you heard it right!
Please keep in mind that even though I am giving away pre-designed sites, I am still an advocate for creating websites that are unique to your business, It is important that the end product reflects your uniqueness and align with your business needs.

That’s why we’ll still need to go through the pre-building process. This is not a copy-paste job where we simply change the colors and call it a day. We want to make sure that the website we create is not just beautiful, but also functional and useful for your business.

To achieve this, I’ll be selecting the person whose business will benefit the most from this website, and whose personality aligns the most with the mood of the design. The pre-design workbook will also help us keep future changes or growth of your business in mind, ensuring that the website we create will continue to serve your needs in the long run.


Andrea Carolina

Andrea Carolina Web Designer

I’m Andrea Carolina,

I specialize in working with heart-led women who need a hand with the sometimes cold-looking process of building their websites.

My goal is to help you showcase your authentic self so you can help others while keeping up with the latest technology.

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