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Are you that kind of business owner

who are always seeking to put intention in all that you do?

Then this is for you!

If you recognize the importance of aligning your actions with your profound purpose,
you deserve a website that speaks your language. A tool for connection and impact.

Let your Website do the talk!

The Heart-Led Approach

Website mapping

what it is

A Purposeful Website

They are websites that reflect who you and your business are and speak directly to your soulmate clients.

They empower you to move forward with confidence, knowing that every element serves a purpose on your journey to making a meaningful impact.

Intentional Website for Purpose Led Businesses

who is it for

For Heart-Led Women

You’re an established business owner navigating a transformative chapter: transitioning from the hustle to a stage of acceptance and alignment.

However, you’re facing a challenge: bridging the gap between your heartfelt message and the cold-looking online world.

Intentional Website Process

what you need

Your Commitment

Creating a purposeful website is a collaborative process, and your dedication and honest commitment play a crucial role.

Typically spanning 8 to 12 weeks, your responsiveness to deadlines directly determines the duration of our project.

What’s special about purposeful websites?

They help you help others from your heart!





Purposeful websites are not just websites. They are a transformative journey. It’s a unique opportunity to bond, explore, and even challenge the boundaries of your business’s vision. It is the last chance to get things right just before displaying it all to your soul mate clients

Purposeful websites are alchemy. They take the intangible side of things into designs. They transform ideas, values, and emotions into something that can be seen by design.

Purposeful Websites are a solid foundation for your business’s growth. They are built considering where you and your business were, where you currently are, and where you want to be.


All Website Packages are paid in 2 installments.

Worldwide payments via Stripe or Wise.

Landing Page

  • Landing Page (max 10 sections)
  • Brand & Web page alignment 1:1 Session
  • Personalized copywriting prompts & workbook
  • 2 revision stages
  • 30-day Technical Support

989 usd

6- Page website

  • 6-page Website (Home, Services, About, Contact, etc)
  • Brand & Website alignment 1:1 Session
  • Personalized copywriting prompts & workbook
  • 3 revision stages
  • 30-days Technical Support
  • Additional pages and functionalities are to be quoted separately

1989 usd

6 Page + Brand Starter

  • 6-page Website (Home, Services, About, Contact, etc)Landing Page (1 page)
  • Branding Starter Package (brand mood, colors, fonts)
  • Brand & Website alignment 1:1 Session
  • Personalized copywriting Prompts & workbook
  • 3 revision stages
  • 30-day Technical Support
  • Additional pages and functionalities are to be quoted separately

2189 USD

Your Soul MAte Clients

Need your Help

To get their attention your website must look pretty,
but also it needs to display relevant information to help them make a decision.

How do we achieve this?


Every element of your website will have a reason. No additional distractive elements.


Visitors know where to go and what to do next. Easy to navigate and to find the information.


It considers users coming from different channels and stages of their experience with you.


Aesthetically pleasant websites yet clean and simple.

Our Collaboration

the peace of mind that makes it worth it

Working with Purposeful Websites has its perks.

Through an intentionally designed process, we will explore your brand
to create not only the website you want but also the want you need.

1-to-1 work

You will have my undivided attention. During the Discovery and Design phases, I will book a fixed period only to work with you, so I will be able to immerse myself in your business.

Guides & Workbooks

Personalized comprehensive Manuals & workbooks that will help you deliver all of the information without forgetting important details.

chances of feedback

3 Clear and timely stages where you will have the chance to provide feedback. The project will not move forward without your sign-off!

agreement signing

Let’s keep things official! We will sign a comprehensive Contract that protects us from unexpected events. For Payments, I use Stripe, Wise or bank transactions.

process understanding

I avoid jargon but still, explain the basics. I make sure you understand things so you can make the best out of your new website.

video tutorials & guides

Personalized videos show your website’s basics, use, maintenance, and plugins.

Andrea Carolina Calling client

The Process

steps to a website you are with ease

Building a Website doesn’t have to be a cold-overwhelming process.
Instead, it’s a unique opportunity to bond, explore, and even challenge the boundaries of your business’s vision.

It is the last chance to get things right just before displaying it all to your soul mate clients!

Thus the importance of a step-by-step dedicated work together!

  • In this call, we’ll break the ice, delving into where you’ve been, where you stand, and where your aspirations lie.
  • We’ll talk about your website’s purpose, your dreams, objectives, and the features you desire.
  • We’ll find out if I can help you materialize your ideas into a reality.
  • If we are a good fit to work together, you will receive a personalized proposal identifying the deliverables, terms, and costs.
  • If you accept the proposal, we will sign online a Service Provider Contract and get an Invoice for the first half of the total price (Stripe Payment available).
  • Now it’s time to get everything clear about your business.
  • We will have a brand discovery Call to discuss your business and website. This call will encourage you to stretch and think a bit deeper about 1) your heart and business connection, 2) what you want for this project, 3) and what you technically need for your website.
  • Using a Google Drive Folder created for this project, you will upload all the content for this project (videos, files, images, and any other element considered on the strategy and sitemap).
  • Once I have all the content on my hands, I will create a personalized plan for your website and the first sketches for your site.
  • Let’s catch up over another video call. During this video call, we will discuss the proposed plan and sketches.
  • You will see some options for the look and design elements of your site.
  • You will see the first design ‘sketch’ for your Homepage
  • Anything else you would like to make sure gets covered?
  • After the video call, you will review, approve or provide feedback for the first design deliverables.
  • Only once they are approved, we can move forward.
  • You will receive a personalized fillable workbook that you will use to deliver the copy (text) of your site.
  • Homepage creation. Revision and approval.
  • Full site implementation. Revision and approval.
  • Invoice for the second half of the total payment.
  • Last video call for a 1:1 walk of your new website and delivery of credentials.
  • Personalized Guide and video tutorials to use your new website.
  • 30-day free Technical Support.


My Designs

Navigate through some of my previous Designs

Angela Bergene The red barn lifestyle

the website turned out


Before I connected with Andrea, my website was cluttered and had minimal direction. She helped me get super clear on my messaging, graphics, and overall design and layout so that when new visitors came to my website they immediately knew what I was all about.

The website turned out better than I could have ever expected and Andrea had it nicely laid out, step by step so that I could easily provide the needed content to make my website “pop” and stand out from others. I recommend working with Andrea because she is organized, provided insightful feedback on your ideas, and is quick to respond to each request.

Angela Bergene,
The Red Barn Lifestyle-.



Yes. I will send you an agreement to be signed online.

Building a website from start to finish takes approximately 4-8 weeks. This is just if I have all the information from you. Generally speaking, the website will only take a long time if I am still waiting for your text, images, or feedback. Your timely workbook completion and feedback will be essential for shaping a website that resonates with your business’s core.

No. However, you will have some tasks and homework.

Unless you have already worked on your business plan and strategy, the biggest job for you will be in the beginning: telling me everything about your business and delivering the content of your website. No worries, I will guide you through the whole process!

After that phase is done, it will be all about giving me your feedback on time when required.

If you are not tech-savvy and all of the technical wording makes you feel overwhelmed, I’ve got your back!

I have created systems, workbooks, and guides that will help you with your homework and will allow you to stay as informed as you want during the building process.

The main difference is that an Intentionally designed website is not intended only to be esthetically pretty, but it is also planned around your business.

Before any designing is started, through a 1:1 process, we will discover and uncover many important aspects of your business. This discovery process will help you gain clarity about your website and it will help me, as a designer, to keep the north when designing. The result will be a website that is a reflection of yourself and your business and that aligns with your purpose.

It will be a strong and scalable tool to guide your soul mate visitors toward the next step to working with you.

No. I have created a process that will help you gain clarity about many important aspects of your business. Through some personalized questionnaires, I will encourage you to stretch and understand your business values, goals, and ideal clients, and even envision what you want for your website or discover hidden issues a website may help you solve.

Once these aspects have been defined, we will have the foundations to propose a Strategy and create a Plan. Only then, we’ll start to work on your website built. This will help to avoid unnecessary changes to the scope of the project and even better, will save you money and time on redesigns.

That is the perfect scenario! you can send them to me during the discovery phase and they will do our work together even more smoother.

However, a website strategy differs from your business and marketing strategy. This means that you will still need to answer some questions before we can create a Strategy for your website.

After letting me know all that is important about your business, I will create a strategy and a plan on how to build and use your website to reach your business goals. Your website will be a scalable tool built from scratch, and all of its elements and integrations will be set keeping in mind the marketing resources you feel ready to use.

When visitors land on your website, they are on an individual stage before getting to work with you. They may be wrapping their mind around the idea of needing the services of your industry, or maybe they have already studied all of their options and are deciding whether to trust you and hire your services or someone else’s.

From wherever they are on their journey, your website will invite them and guide them to intuitively move forward to the next stage to get them closer to using your help.

Shortly said, on your website, you will talk to your soul mate client, and guide them through a meticulously planned path to take action -may be to book your services? sign up for a newsletter or join your community?

If they find value in what you provide, they may become clients who will make you and your business shine.

We will use your website to show your values, your style, who you are, and how your business works. Your website will be an excellent chance for you to show a bit of your business “personality”.

It will also be specific about talking to your ideal client, if they are the right person for you, they will realize it, and they will know you are the right fit to solve their specific problem. You won’t be talking to those clients you prefer to avoid. Your website will work as a filter to get the most inquiries from the clients you need.


I’m Andrea Carolina

Your empathic Designer

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