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I’m Andrea,

WordPress Website Designer & heart-technology connector

I’m a geeky globetrotter, who left her home country 8 years ago, just to see the world. After living in many countries, life brought me to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, where I have settled for the last 2 years with my husband and Border Collie-looking dog, Margarita-for now.

As many heart-led women might relate, I spent most of my adult life, trying to fit in at workplaces where my values were not in alignment. Things were always feeling somehow ‘off’, no matter how badly I tried!

And here comes the breaking point. After one particularly tough and breaking work experience, I understood that it was time to change my story.

Instead of spending my life and energy trying to fit in on those places, why not use the same energy to create a business that aligns with my values, principles, and ways of living? Why not build a company where I can work with like-minded people who I can look up and share stories with? And even better, why not try and help the ones who help?

And that is what I do today!

What inspired
Purposeful website design?

As a heart-led web designer, I have often felt a disconnection with some of the aspects of the online world.

We are constantly bombarded by How-to’s regarding our online presence. It feels unavoidable to fall down the rabbit hole of the trends and tech stuff losing focus on our reasons!

And for those business owners whose hearts are at the command of everything they do, this is where analysis paralysis plays its most magnificent role, holding them back from building the business they dream of!

This is my why,

I help the ones who help!

I partner with kindred spirits – women who drive their businesses with a commitment to making a positive impact.

I extend a guiding hand to those seeking to bridge the gap between their heartfelt purpose and the seamless use of technology.

Beyond just websites, I craft online sanctuaries – spaces where you can reconnect with your essence and authentic online presence.

Are you ready for your digital sanctuary?


Andrea Carolina Web Designer About


The power of women supporting other women. To deeply empathize and actively help others get where they want to be. To create a bond and a safe space for authenticity.


Using Intuition as one of the best decision-making tools we have, together with our purpose and values. Creating a future that resonates deeply with who we really are.


Exploration and experimentation. To stretch and challenge the pre-conceived concepts and ideas about the way we do things.


I believe in making the world a better place, with random everyday actions. By acting with awareness and strong will, we can leave our footprint starting from the smallest of actions.


Using simplicity as the precursor for sustainable development. A tool to achieve freedom. To avoid creating unnecessary needs that hold us back from progress.


Fun lightens burdens. We can be active contributors to create the opportunities and conditions for it. We can actively initiate connecting and bonding as a tool for fun experiences.

What’s special about purposeful websites?

They help you help others from your heart!





Bridging Heart and Tech: Purposeful websites bridge the gap between your heartfelt vision and the technical realm. They facilitate a seamless connection, allowing your message to shine through technology, and translating emotion into design.

Purposeful Foundation: Purposeful Websites are a solid foundation for your business’s growth. Through clarity and alignment, we create websites that convey authenticity, navigate complexities, and inspire meaningful action, all while embracing simplicity and intuitive design

Empathetic Alignment: Purposeful websites are not just websites. They are a transformative journey and I will be your partner through it. I’ve walked the path of seeking purpose, embracing change, and crafting authenticity. Just as I’ve found my way, I’m here to guide you to an intentional online presence that reflects your essence and purpose. I will help you say goodbye to the overwhelm of tech and embrace a platform that authentically represents you.

You will have a website that guides your Soulmate client
to understand whether you are a right fit for them and to take action without them having to look for the next step.


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