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Guiding Heart-Centered Women: From Doubt to Online Harmony

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Website Care

Your Purpose

is More than Words on Paper

When your work comes from a place of love,
purpose becomes the compass guiding your every step.

It is a guiding light!

Yet, whenever you try to display your ‘Why’ online,
You get lost in the techy stuff losing focus on what’s important.

Let’s break free from uncertainty!

Let’s create a digital sanctuary that resonates with who you are

the intentional website designer!

I understand. Your business deserves a platform as unique as you are.

That’s why I’m here – to guide you through the doubts and technicalities and lead you to an online presence that shines with authenticity.

Together, we’ll bridge the gap between your heart-led message and the digital world. With a deep commitment to understanding your essence, I’ll ensure your website resonates with your values and purpose.

Let’s transform uncertainty into confidence and doubt into digital radiance. It’s time to let your purpose shine!

Andrea Carolina Web Designer

Nurturing Your ‘Why

Simple authentic designs

Guiding you Every Step

What inspired
Purposeful website design?

As a heart-led web designer, I have often felt a disconnection with some of the aspects of the online world.

We are constantly bombarded by How-to’s regarding our online presence. It feels unavoidable to fall down the rabbit hole of the trends and tech stuff losing focus on our reasons!

And for those business owners whose hearts are at the command of everything they do, this is where analysis paralysis plays its most magnificent role, holding them back from building the business they dream of!

This is my why,

I help the ones who help!

I partner with kindred spirits – women who drive their businesses with a commitment to making a positive impact.

I extend a guiding hand to those seeking to bridge the gap between their heartfelt purpose and the seamless use of technology.

Beyond just websites, I craft online sanctuaries – spaces where you can reconnect with your essence and authentic online presence.

Your Soul MAte Clients

Need Your Help

Your potential soul mate clients are searching for a solution that truly resonates with them.
In a world where how things look is important, your website needs to look good. But, it’s also very important that it shows everything your visitors need to make smart choices.

How do we achieve this balance?


Aesthetically pleasing, yet clean and simple design that effortlessly guides visitors to find the information they seek.


Empower your visitors with easy navigation, ensuring they know exactly where to go and what actions to take next.

Website Planning

Planned Journey

Our approach is rooted in thoughtful planning, considering the diverse paths visitors may take as they engage with your business.


Every element serves a purpose. There’s no room for unnecessary distractions or overwhelming features.


My Designs

Navigate through some of my previous Designs

Our Collaboration

the peace of mind that makes it worth it

Working with Purposeful Websites has its perks.
Through an intentionally designed process, we will work together
to create not only the website you want but also the want you need.

1-to-1 work

You will have my undivided attention. I will book a fixed period of time only to work with you during the Discovery and Design phases, so I will be able to immerse myself in your business.

Guides & Workbooks

Personalized comprehensive Manuals & workbooks that will help you deliver all of the information without forgetting important details. You will get your hands dirty but my systems help you avoid overwhelm.

chances of feedback

4 Clear and timely stages where you will have the chance to provide feedback and approval. The project will not move forward without your sign-off!

agreement signing

Let’s keep things official! We will sign a comprehensive Contract that protects us from unexpected events. For Payments, we use Stripe, or bank payments.

process understanding

I avoid jargon but still, explain the basics. I make sure you understand things so you can make the best out of your new website. You will receive introductory documentation for your reference explaining all of the details and what to expect.

video tutorials & guides

Personalized videos show your website’s basics, use, maintenance, and plugins.

Andrea Carolina Calling client


my new website is the website of my dreams

And makes me want to cry tears of joy!

Andrea took the time to get to know me and my business and I felt from the first discovery meeting that she really cared about my offers and the success of my business and felt it was worthy of being uplifted and visible.

By shining the clear light of intentionality on every intricate detail, she helped me discover the purpose of my business and created a site that exemplified everything that really mattered to me. I had done a lot of work previously on clarifying my offers, mission, values, and vision, and Andrea’s prompts and guidance helped me to go even deeper in articulating and expressing these core truths.

My new website is the website of my dreams and makes me want to cry tears of joy! It is beautiful, serene, and clear.
Andrea went above and beyond in her communication with me and desires to honor my preferences. A true angel, she interpreted what I wanted and used it as inspiration to create something I wouldn’t have known how to articulate. It’s absolutely magical!

Jeanne, As You are Mindfulness,
New York, USA

Angela Bergene The red barn lifestyle

The website turned out


Before I connected with Andrea, my website was cluttered and had minimal direction. She helped me get super clear on my messaging, graphics, and overall design and layout so that when new visitors came to my website they immediately knew what I was all about.

The website turned out better than I could have ever expected and Andrea had it nicely laid out, step by step so that I could easily provide the needed content to make my website “pop” and stand out from others. I recommend working with Andrea because she is organized, provides insightful feedback on your ideas, and is quick to respond to each request.

Angela, The Red Barn Lifestyle
Minnesota, USA

The Process

steps to a website you are pleased to share

Building a Website doesn’t have to be a cold-overwhelming process.
Instead, it’s a unique opportunity to bond, explore, and even challenge the boundaries of your business’s vision.

It is the last chance to get things right just before displaying it all to your soul mate clients!

Thus the importance of a step-by-step dedicated work together!

  • In this call, we’ll break the ice, delving into where you’ve been, where you stand, and where your aspirations lie.
  • We’ll talk about your website’s purpose, your dreams, objectives, and the features you desire.
  • We’ll find out if I can help you materialize your ideas into a reality.
  • If we are a good fit to work together, you will receive a personalized proposal identifying the deliverables, terms, and costs.
  • If you accept the proposal, we will sign online a Service Provider Contract and get an Invoice for the first half of the total price (Stripe Payment available).
  • Now it’s time to let me know everything about your business. Use the Heart First Workbook that will encourage you to stretch and think a bit deeper about 1) yourself and your business, 2) what you want for this project, 3) and what you technically need for your website.
  • Using a Google Drive Folder created for this project, you will upload all the content for this project (videos, files, images, and any other element considered on the strategy and sitemap).
  • Once I have all the content on my hands, I will create a personalized plan for your website and a sitemap.
  • Let’s catch up over another video call. During this video call, we will discuss the proposed plan and sitemap.
  • You will see some options for the look and design elements of your site.
  • You will see the first design ‘sketch’ for your Homepage
  • Anything else you would like to make sure gets covered?
  • After the video call, you will review, approve or provide feedback for the first design deliverables.
  • Only once they are approved, we can move forward.
  • You will receive a personalized fillable workbook that you will use to deliver the copy (text) of your site.
  • Homepage creation. Revision and approval.
  • Full site implementation. Revision and approval.
  • Invoice for the second half of the total payment.
  • Last video call for a 1:1 walk of your new website and delivery of credentials.
  • Personalized Guide and video tutorials to use your new website.
  • 30-day free Technical Support.

Ready, but don’t know where to start? Start by your heart!
Grab your compass – the Heart-first Workbook is waiting for you!

This isn’t just another download – it’s your secret tool for decoding what is important to you before you dive into a website project.

Picture it: a compass that uncovers your business core, a toolbox of insights to fuel your collaboration with a designer, or to rock your DIY venture.

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